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What you will learn

1. Floral Fairy Workshop:

In the Floral Fairy Workshop, within 6 sessions, we cover:

Session 1: Shape delicate petals and leaves with intricate wirework.

Session 2: Artfully pour pigments to bring blossoms to life.

Session 3: Refine creations and give flowers their final form.

Session 4: Craft pearl attachments, earrings, a ring, and a jura pin.

Session 5: Construct a beautiful bracelet for wrist adornment.

Session 6: Design a floral hairband to complete your masterpiece.

2. Ruby Glow Jewellery:

In the Ruby Glow Jewellery, within 5 sessions, we cover:

Session 1: Exploring Glue Gun Artistry and Resin Pouring Magic.

Session 2: Demoulding, Sanding, and Sketching Your Designs.

Session 3: Adding Golden Borders and Glossy Finishes.

Session 4: Precision Stone Attachment.

Session 5: Crafting a Shimmering Mala, Elevating Your Style!

3. Aqua Bliss Jewellery:

In the Aqua Bliss Jewellery, within 4 sessions, we cover:

Session 1: Learn marble effects in polymer clay.

Session 2: Create monochromatic color schemes.

Session 3: Master 3D layering techniques.

Session 4: Learn Perfect precise cutting, baking, resin application, assembling jewelry, and finishing with intricate detailing.

4. Tri-Goddess Workshop:

In the Tri-Goddess Workshop, within 3 sessions, we cover:

Session 1: Discover the art of crafting psychedelic effects in polymer clay.

Session 2: Master precise cutting techniques and learn the intricacies of baking clay.

Session 3: Dive into resin application, jewelry assembly, and finishing touches for a professional shine.

5. Concrete Jewellery:

In the Concrete Jewellery, within 2 sessions, we cover:

Session 1:Custom crystals colouring, preparation and pouring of concrete mixture, preparing the gold metal look

Session 2: Giving professional finish to jewellery

6. UV Resin Jewellery:

In the UV Resin Jewellery, within 2 sessions, we cover:

Session 1: Knowledge of material, pouring of resin, flower preservation, use of different pigments

Session 2: Top coat of Resin, attaching earrings (jump ring), and achieving professional jewellery finishing.

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95% Positive reviews

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